Botanical extracts

  • We are producers of:
    • hydrosoluble extracts with reference letter HS (hydrosoluble)
    • liposoluble extracts with reference letter (liposoluble)
  • for more than 35 years. Our plant extracts can be added to cosmetic products without any problems.

  • Technical datasheets with informations concerning aspect, odour, active substances in the plantmaterial, analytical data and doses are available for each extract.

  • Each batch will be delivered with its own certificate of analyse.

  • Our extracts are obtained form
    • fresh fruits
    • dried plants
  • The solvent of the hydrosoluble extracts is 1,2-propylene glycol which decreases the risk of bacterial contamination. It is also possible to vary the solvent according to customers instruction

    The extracts are generally fabricated by the following process: One part of the dried plant material, chopped in peaces of 2-3mm diameter or powdered are mixed together with 10 parts of solvent and agitated at room temperature or considerate temperatures during 48 hours. After this, the solid particles are separated by a centrifuge. The separated liquid that contains already a lot of ingredients is enriched once again with 1 part of dried plant material and we continue agitating for 48 hours. The solid particles are separated again by using the centrifuge.

  • After this, the extract is being filtered sterile under 5 bar pressure.

  • The liposoluble extracts are fabricated with sunflower oil, soy bean oil, diisobutyladipate or a solvent of the choice of our customer.

  • We have recognized that the clients are more and more interested in diisobutyladipate extracts to avoid the problem of rancidity.

  • Our special method of sterile filtration can guarantee the stability and maintanance in undiluted state

  • Our plant extracts are quality products

    The quality standard and active agents in the drug are tested in our own laboratory by HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography).

  • If you are interested in other plant extracts of if you have any questions, please ask our technical service. Please be assured of our prompt attention to your request at any time!